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Donating Comfortable Footware to Frontline NHS Workers


Our Mission

In April 2020, sustainable footwear and accessories brand Allbirds launched a donation programme to provide frontline health workers in the UK with a comfortable pair of sneakers, as a token of gratitude for the work in keeping us safe and healthy in the face of COVID-19. The brand led similar initiatives in the US and Germany, along with a buy-one-give-one programme that invited US customers to join them in giving back. In total, Allbirds was able to donate more than $1M in shoes to the global healthcare community.

When the COVID-19 crisis hit, healthcare workers immediately stepped up to give urgently needed care. At Allbirds, we wanted to do what we could to provide this community with even a small bit of comfort during this challenging time. We've been heartened to see the power of collective action in the face of this pandemic, and are inspired by the resilience and generosity of medical professionals around the world.
Sandeep Verma
Head of International

At Allbirds, we believe in making better things in a better way. Since inception, we have balanced purpose and profit, with a focus on combating the proliferation of petroleum-based materials in apparel and footwear. Our story began with superfine New Zealand Merino Wool, but we have since developed a Eucalyptus fiber knit fabric and a Sugarcane-based EVA foam, which we open-sourced for all to use, including competitors. We believe that collaborative development and the sharing of technologies will help protect the planet for future generations. Let’s get better, together.